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8Track MP3 (Ad Supported) 1.0

8Track MP3.. yes this is your father's MP3 Player!!

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Publisher's Description of 8Track MP3 (Ad Supported) 1.0

Introducing 8Track MP3! A new way to select, organize and play your music.

When I was a kid I had a lot of cassette tapes. I would collect them all in a big box and pop them in and out of ... my boom-box, walkman (a brick in those days), or car. They were nice and small and pretty much indestructible.

Nowadays, with the advent of MP3 files and players, cassettes and tape players are a thing of the past...and that's mostly a good thing. MP3s are great. You can drag them onto one device and off of another. You can store them, email them, copy them (oops!). And most of all you can store thousands in a chip no bigger than your fingernail.

But even with all the advantages.. there are moments when I look at my MP3 player with disgust...and wonder why I can't do some of the simple things I could easily do with cassettes.

For example.. with cassettes, when listened to music I would often grab a handful of tapes, and play a few songs...when I got sick of it, I would pop in another, and so on. In this way I would play several tapes all day long. Because it was a physical tape, your position would never get lost (unless you took a pencil and started spinning the spool!). I have often wanted to listen to music in the same way with MP3s... but really couldn't find a player that made it easy... so I created one!

8Track MP3 player with a simple, quick and easy way of selecting music, creating lists, and switching back and forth between them... just like cassettes!!


- Music selection is all done from one single multi-tiered list organized by Artists, Albums, and Songs.

- Upon selecting any combination of music, this becomes a 'playlist', that is always saved and becomes part of your listening history.

- Once you have one or more 'playlists' you can listen, edit, delete, rename, re-arrange, create new lists from existing lists, etc.

- Your position in a playlist is never lost, so you can switch back and forth between them with a single press.

- When selecting music .. you can preview songs (in case you don't remember what you've got in there!)

- As you listen to music.. you can select multiple songs (with the on screen checkbox). Once you've selected several songs, you can create a new playlist, add to existing playlist, or remove those selected.

Without further ado... please try the player and enjoy.

Sam Matthews

Content rating: Everyone

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