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Abandon Kansas 1.0

Introducing the Abandon Kansas app for Android. News, audio, video & more!

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Publisher's Description of Abandon Kansas 1.0

Stay connected with Gotee recording artists Abandon Kansas and access audio & video content as well as all the latest news on the band.

Get the Abandon Kansas app for Android to enjoy access to:

The News Feed
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Abandon Kansas Blog

Show Schedule
- Detailed show info
- Maps to venue
- Reminders
- Share a show with your friends

- Album Tracks
- Track Lyrics
- Track Previews

Additional Features
- Watch Abandon Kansas Youtube videos
- Set album art as wallpaper
- Share app with a friend

About Abandon Kansas and the new album Ad Astra Per Aspera:

Through the fire of sleepless nights, uncertain futures, and countless miles on the road, Abandon Kansas emerges battle-hardened and tested with the highly celebrated Ad Astra Per Aspera.

This-the consummation of their vision to be more than just a band, more than just empty words or singles-is the opus that most bands only fantasize about. This is their time, their most crucial hour, as frontman Jeremy Spring explains: “Ad Astra Per Aspera is Latin meaning ‘to the stars through difficulty.’ The title is the Kansas state motto, and the concept for our new record.

“This record is a story about where we are headed, without forgetting where we came from,” states Spring. “The stars aren’t fame and money. The stars represent heaven, or better yet, the presence of God. We are aiming for the stars, yet we seem to find ourselves in the middle of storm after storm. It is the story of how was have been able to maintain high spirits and use our valleys as fuel to create new music.”

Content rating: High Maturity

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