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Description AceMusic can play almost any file format music and three forma...

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AceMusic can play almost any file format music and three format video (MP4, M4V, MOV). Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Shareing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be played at once. You can also stream/download media files from most of all UPnP/FTP/Samba media servers to your iOS devices. It is not just a local music player,it is "Music Player & Photo Viewer & Downloader & Streaming Player" in fact.

1.Support almost any audio formats: APE, FLAC, FLV, MP3, WMA, RM, ACC, OGG, ...
2.Support three video formats: MP4, M4V, MOV.
3.Support general photo formats: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp...
4.Use iTunes to sync movies to AceMusic.
5.Easily Wi-Fi transfer to download media files from PC to your ios devices.
6.Build-in file manager supported: move files from folder to folder,file delete,file rename,folder creation,folder delete. almost all the Media Servers:
- Mac OS
MediaShare, TwonkyMediaServer, TVMOBILI, PS3 media server, Majestic, EyeConnect, Vuze,MediaLink,Orb, Playback..
- Windows
Win7 Media Player, TVMOBILI, Asset UPnP, FreeMi, XBMC, TVersity, Wild Media Server, TwonkyMediaServer...
- Linux
QNAP,Iomega, DS-207+, Synology DS101, DS106J
- Phone
Sony Ericsson C905

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1. How to add video with USB?
Connect PC with USB,run iTunes 9.1 or above.
In iTunes, Devices->(Your iPhone)->Apps, drag the slider down, select AceMusic in the File Sharing and use "add.." button on the lower right corner to add files.
2. In documents, what do the buttons represent on the toolbar?
In normal mode, they represent "return", "home", "sort", "edit". In editing mode, they represent "Playlist", "new folder", "rename", "cut", "paste", "delete", "return".
3. how to move files to the new folder?
Click "edit" button,select files, click "cut" button,click "return" button,enter the new folder,click "edit" button,click "paste" button.
4. Where to add files to Playlist?
Turn to the documents, click the "edit" button, select the Audiofiles you want to add, click the "playlist" button to select the playlist.

5. How to use win7 as a media server?

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