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AmpliTube FREE 1.0.2

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 2745

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Publisher's Description of AmpliTube FREE 1.0.2

Turn your iPhone/iPod into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor! Use the AmpliTube iRig interface adapter ( to connect your guitar to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and you are ready to rock!

Jam anytime, anywhere with world class guitar and bass tones right in the palm of your hand. AmpliTube for iPhone gives you incredible ultra-realistic tones and modeling accuracy in a convenient and mobile app, from the leader in gear modeling software for professional recording studios.

With AmpliTube for iPhone, you’ll have an entire guitar/bass rig at your fingertips, comprised of 3 simultaneous stompbox effects, an amp-head plus cabinet and a microphone.

AmpliTube FREE for iPhone includes 3 stompboxes (delay, noise filter + distortion once registered), 1 amplifier (lead) + speaker cabinet and both dynamic and condenser microphones. Up to 11 stompbox effects and 5 amp + cabinets can be added through in-app purchase.

Plus, AmpliTube for iPhone features a chromatic digital tuner and a metronome and you can also import and play along with your own songs or backing tracks with real time effects, and create, save and recall up to 36 presets on the fly!

- Real time guitar and bass mobile multiFX app
- Full rig built from 3 simultaneous stompboxes + amp + cabinet + mic
- 3 Stomps, 1 Amp, 1 Cabinet, 2 Mics available
- Can be expanded with a-la-carte downloadable gear up to 11 stomps and 5 amps + speaker cabinets
- Import and play along with your own songs or backing tracks with real time effects
- 36 presets can be saved/recalled on the fly
- Includes tuner/metronome
- Low-latency for real time playing
- LE and Full versions also available

What's New In Version 1.0.2
- fixed Clean and Crunch amps not correctly appearing after model purchase

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