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Androlirc - beta version 0.2.0

DISCLAIMER - If you don't know what LIRC is, DON'T INSTALL - If you don't h

Software Information of Androlirc - beta version 0.2.0

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License: Free

Downloads: 575

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Publisher's Description of Androlirc - beta version 0.2.0


- If you don't know what LIRC is, DON'T INSTALL
- If you don't have a LIRC configuration file or don't know how to create one, DON'T INSTALL
- If you don't have an "audio to IR" module or don't intend to get/make one, DON'T INSTALL
- Also, be aware that Androlirc only sends IR commands, it is not able to record IR codes yet.

Still here? Good!

Androlirc transforms your Android device into an infrared universal remote control, it is a LIRC frontend for the Android platform. Customizable and flexible, Androlirc provides an intuitive interface for the configuration and utilization of your Android universal remote control.

How to use it?

First, you'll have to make sure that your Lirc configuration file is available somewhere on your phone. The default path that will appear on the config file dialog box is "/sdcard/lircd.conf", so it might be a good idea to put your file at the root of your sdcard and call it lircd.conf. Otherwise you can enter the path to any other file manually.

Second, Androlirc only uses the Audio output to send the IR commands for now, so you will need some kind of audio to IR device for it to work. You can find some suggestions about that on the web site:

Androlirc will let you choose between different layouts and customize their buttons. It has been developed to be as flexible and intuitive as possible so if you feel that it doesn't meet either of these objectives, please let me know through the forum:

For more details and a complete list of features, please visit the web site:

Recent changes:
version 0.2.0:
- Control Sets
- Layout selection
- Keymap setting
- Automatic keymap
- Repeat function
- Custom keys

Content rating: Everyone

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