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Animating Touch 0.7

Become a cartoon creator! Animating Touch is an animation editor that allows you

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License: Free

Downloads: 6630

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Publisher's Description of Animating Touch 0.7

Become a cartoon creator! Animating Touch is an animation editor that allows you to create your own movies. Creative work in Animating Touch is quite easy. First, you don't need to draw every frame to get smooth motions. Instead of this, you create keyframes only and intermediate frames are built automatically. Second, skeletal animation is used here. It means every object consist of a number of connected "bones", which can be dragged.

Here are some ideas how you can use it:
* Drawing quick drafts of short stories or comics
* Creating hand-made greeting cards with your custom story
* Using as an animation training aid or a toy for children. It can be a good tool for little filmmakers
* Just for fun

Below is the list of features
* Skeletal animation
* Motion tweening
* Three built-in models
* Two editing modes. You can edit vertexes as well as rotate and drag whole objects
* Various items that can be attached to characters - weapons, speech bubbles, hats, etc
* Onion skinning
* Adjustable speed of animation and scene size
* Various backgrounds
* Exporting animation as video and sharing it

tags: animation, stickman, toon creator, cartoon creator, stick figure, cartoons, pivot animation, tweening, flipbook

Recent changes:
* ability to create you own backgrounds (in unlocked scenes only)
* added a few free characters (including Android!)
* improved UI
* loop playback for preview

Content rating: Everyone

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