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Publisher's Description of Arabic Radio 1.0.4

Arabic Radio is one of the biggest Arabic social portal that gives you the pleasure of listening on your android phones and TVs to music, quran, bible and other live Arabic radios and tv streaming. Just enjoy some of our free flash games while listening to live Arabic Radio streaming wherever you are on the move: work, home, school, university or hanging out in some Arabic related events. Do you want to send latest and new Arabic dedicated songs to your best friends? Dedicate songs live to your friends on facebook. You can also read the latest Arabic news and use our fast and free online Arabic translation tool. new and loyal visitors love to listen to music, watch movies or Arabic music videos and other Arab comedy movies. users likes to download and listen to Arabic audio books on mobiles and on the move. We have developed many features on our website in order to enhance the user experience for an easy, accessible, and free Arabic audio service.

Some of our Arab users around the World and in the Arabic countries asked us to have a fresh, updated and latest top Arab songs, albums, news and releases. We offer also an easy software in GUI to download Arabic music of all types and country of origins (Lebanese, Morroco, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirati, Bahraini, Sudani, Algerian, Lybian, Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Assyrian radios).

We had also enhanced our real and live English to Arabic translation service for free with an easy typing Arabic keyboard with layouts, stickers, overlay to download or to teach as basic Arabic alphabet. is a proud sponsor for many Arabic concerts and educational courses that develop Arab and International skills for students who wants to learn how to play Qanoon, Oud, Mazamir with a full free Arabic music sheet.

Our live TV section was a response to the high on demand live streaming TV and video streaming of Arabic news channels, and live radios for each Arab country specially when following very important political changes such as in Egypt, Jordan, Tunis, Yemen.

You can also buy best Arabic CDs on iTunes or Amazon from the
Top 40 Arabic Classic Bar Grooves to normal rotana music cds and other belly dance DVD courses.

Back from old time (Thomas Edison, on December 4th 1877 introduced an easy way to record and play back the human voice) until our days as of 2010, people tend to listen to music more often in metros, train stations, airplanes, and even at work.

Some others try to listen to music when they play poker, or online games or when they are using some Arab torrents to download movie BUT here at we thrive to give our users the ability to listen to anything concerning the Arabic world in a LIVE, FREE and up to date environment.

There is a hot trend where everyone wants to listen to music online, for free and right now.

You might be able to download free Arabic mp3 flv songs if you have getit plugin from octoshape.

Public opinion studies shows that fewer people are willing to pay in order to listen to music but do not completely agree and likes to reward new Arabic singers to upload their music and albums online. Team recommends to all people to listen to music whenever you have good or bad mood because the soul, rhythms are a good spiritual aspires but be careful not to hurt your ears with loud music volume. Jordanian, Rai, Rap, Oriental, Middle eastern, West Arabian Music, Emirati Music, Bahraini Music, Algerian Music Saudi Music, Sudan Music, Syrian Music, Tunisian Music, Iraqi Music Oman Music, Palestine Music, Qatar Music, Kuwait Music, Lebanese Music, Lybian Music, Egyptian Music, Moroccan Music General Music, Yemen Music from the best and latest top video, albums and Arabic singles.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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