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Asti Media Player 0.9.27

Android media player for video (video playback tool)

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Asti Media Player 0.9.27

up:7 Aug 2011 13:00(UTC)
(since:8 May 2011)
-- Translation Features
I have the cooperation of countries for more translations, thank you.Provides a translation function on the application. Subsequently, I would appreciate your cooperation.
Translation of the input using a phone is hard. Those who wish to enter using a PC, please send an email to the developer. I will send you a text to be translated.

-- Support Video Format
Video format can be played is limited.
Only the form supported by device whom you are using can be reproduced.(H/W Decode Mode only)
"S/W Decode mode" is scheduled to be supported in the future.

[Key Features]
*** Player ***
Repeat play
Resume play
Next video play after playback
Now Playing Playlist View
(Press and hold in renewable Resume)
Over Time - Repeat (AB Repeat)
Playlist loop
Playlist Shuffle play(Random play)
The image display when seeking
Fast Forward / Rewind in the image display
Fast Forward / Rewind set number of seconds (0.5 to 120 seconds)
Pinch scale of operation
Adjusting the position of the swipe operation
Reversed by the double-tap
Full screen
Screen Lock
Volume Control
Bright Control
Display time adjustment of the media controller
When you remove the headset, mute and pause so that changes
model Galaxy limited:Screenshots added auxiliary functions

*** Playlist ***
Explorer list
Video selection from folder
Setting of home folder

Gallery list
The video on the SD card is displayed by the automatic operation

Bookmark list
Classification of video that uses tag

History list
Display of list of seen video

YouTube list
Search and download
History search (long push of serach button)
Display of related video (long push of video)
Start of official YouTube app
This app start from official YouTube app
This app is started by clicking YouTube URL

List common function
Display control of non-display media(.nomedia)
Deletion of file
Resume AB Repeat
Playback by another app from Playlist

[Function that will add it in the future]
*** Player ***
play a video on the background.
Nico Nico Douga support
Multiple simultaneous playback
Save screenshot(android v2.3.3 higher)
Streaming Play
Support Gesture operation
Expansion of correspondence video format (software decorder)

*** Playlist ***
YouTube faster downloads
Video playback from your browser

[Function that demands]
S/W decode
share (Twitter / facebook, etc)
Background playback
Nico Nico Douga support

[Support Language]
English / German / Spanish / Simplified Chinese / Polish / Japanese

(Only part) French / Dutch

[Support OS version]
2.2 or higher

[Verified Device]
Galaxy S(v2.2)

[Popular Device]
Fujitsu Toshiba REGZA Phone T01C
HTC Wildfire
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Desire HD
LG Optimus One
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Mini(v2.2only)
Samsung Galaxy Tab
SEMC Xperia Arc
Sharp Galapagos
Sharp Aquos
Sharp IS03
Sharp IS05

Recent changes:
●Feature Change ▼Bug Fix

●Playback by another app from Playlist
●Playback by another app when cannot playback
●Fix for YouTube Download feature
●Support of French (Only part)
●Support of Dutch (Only part)
▼The translation view doesn't open

●When you remove the headset, mute and pause so that changes
●Adding a playlist loop
●Add Shuffle play(Random play) feature
●Support of Spanish

●Support of Simplified Chinese
●Support of Polish
●Support of Spanish (Only part)

Content rating: Low Maturity

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