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Audio palette 1.0

Audio palette allows you to remix looped tracks in a new way.

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Publisher's Description of Audio palette 1.0

Audio palette is an innovative instrument that allows you to remix looped tracks in a new way.

In audio palette each sound is represented on the screen as a circle. The closer your touch is to the center of the circle, the louder the sound. Your performance is automatically recorded and looped back with perfect timing accuracy allowing you to create a new loop built from your remix. You can record up to four of these looped recordings and switch instantly between them to create yet another layer of performance. The software also allows you to edit the positions and sizes of the circles on screen, so you can develop your own style of play.

This initial release has four palettes and includes custom samples provided by legendary rock music producer and ambient music pioneer Brian Eno.

- 4 audio palette sample sets
- Automatic looping with high accuracy timing for perfect loops
- 4 touch performance record buffers
- Edit mode with ability to move and size palette circles

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