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AudioTagger 3.1.0

AudioTagger, the most complete Android audio tag and album cover art editor

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License: Free

Downloads: 1121

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Publisher's Description of AudioTagger 3.1.0

AudioTagger is an Android audio tag and album cover art editor.

AudioTagger tags following audio file formats:
- mp3, all ID3 tag versions read, most common ID3v2.3 saved
- mp4 audio (m4a, m4p)
- ogg
- flac
- wma

Other features:
- Download album cover art and album song lists from Discogs and Amazon.
- Batch tag whole albums.
- Batch rename files from tag keywords and the other way round.
- One button search to list all albums on the sd-card
- For more options check the system menu, or the long click on files for context menu options.

For any questions or problems, please email support or visit the forum.
If you'd like to help translating AudioTagger into your own language, please contact us.

Tags: tag mp3, mp3 tagger, mp3 tags, mp3 edit, mp4 tag, ogg tag, cover art editor, music editor, music tagger, edit album art, audio editor, album editor

Recent changes:
- Orientation is now automatic, so it works in both, portrait and landscape mode

Content rating: Everyone

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