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auto Guitar 1.0

autoGuitar maps musical notes to lights on the fingerboard of a guitar.

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Publisher's Description of auto Guitar 1.0

Use it to figure out a song by watching the pattern of lights change. It can also be used to play along with music (works with your iPod). Are you a songwriter developing a new melody? Use autoGuitar for accompaniment. (N.B. autoGuitar works best when the music is "in tune" and has minimal percussion and background noise.)

Frequency range defines the range of musical pitches autoGuitar can detect. Slide it to the left for lower frequencies and to the right for higher ones.

Sensitivity can be used to select the more prominent (more frequent or louder) notes that occur by moving the slider to the left. Slide the control to the right to pick up subtler tones.

Touch a string to play the detected note on that string, or strum your finger across the neck to play all the notes.

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