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aVia Media Player 2.2.16972

aVia simplifies accessing personal media with one, easy to use, media player.

Software Information of aVia Media Player 2.2.16972

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License: Free

Downloads: 11553

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Publisher's Description of aVia Media Player 2.2.16972

With aVia you can play, manage, and share your music, video, and photos from all of your Android-connected devices so that your favorite media is available anytime, anywhere.

Primary features of aVia:

- Optimized for Honeycomb & Gingerbread tablets, Gingerbread cell phones, Kindle Fire, and Google TV v2.0.
- Supports playback of all media types that are compatible with device where it is installed.
- Ability to play music and videos, and view photos from a variety of personal media sources
- Access personal media devices through streaming DLNA media capabilities
- Create playlists with customizable titles while browsing your music, video, or photo libraries

Detailed features of aVia:

Home Screen

- Engaging home screen design
- Option for all screen orientations viewed in either landscape or portrait mode
- Selecting the aVia logo in the top left corner returns users to the home screen from any screen within the media player
- Option to select the media type (Music, Videos, Photos)
- Option to select which media sources to browse (Local, USB, Facebook, or DLNA) using the ‘My Sources’ menu
- Media Organization:
-- Browse music by album, artist, playlists, or all songs
-- Browse videos by album, playlists, date, or all videos
-- Browse photos by album, playlists, date, or all photos

My Sources Screen

- Select which sources aVia scans for media (including local, USB, Facebook, and DLNA)
- Specific types of media can be selected from each source to broaden or narrow your search
- Real-time source updates
- Browse individual sources to view media from that source
- Enable aVia to be a DLNA server with customizable name

Now Playing Screen – Music

- View album artwork
- Provides information about the current track (title, artist, album)
- Control playback of the current track (play, pause, duration, repeat)
- Control playback of the music queue (skip forward, skip back, shuffle tracks)
- Track continues playing in the background once selected
-- Tracks repeat if the repeat option is selected
-- Tracks are shuffled if the shuffle option is selected
- While the track is playing, it is possible to browse other tracks or even pictures from other sources

Now Playing Screen – Videos

- When opened, the video is displayed in its full quality
- Control playback of the current video (play, pause, duration, repeat)
- Ability to browse through movies within the folder (skip forward, skip back, shuffle tracks)

Now Showing Screen – Photos

- When opened, the picture is displayed in its full quality
- Control what pictures are being displayed (last, next, slideshow)
- Control the orientation of the picture (rotate left, rotate right)

Playlist Creation/Modify Screens

- Create and edit playlists with customizable titles
- Add and remove songs, videos, and photos to a playlist
- Delete playlists

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