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BestShot(Lite) 13

you can easily edit and play movies taken with your mobile phone or camera.

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of BestShot(Lite) 13

(WVGA or higher is recommended.)

BestShotR is a video editing application. It automatically edits and displays pictures or movies taken by a mobile phone or digital camera. You simply choose your preferred “Style” mode and your photo or movie will be transformed into an memorable video crafted by up-and-coming creators.

With BestShotR you can make your own “movie diary,” upload it to SNS and enjoy browsing through your “present” and “past” videos.

Each “Style” represents the video style perfect for your present mood. To make your memorable video you can choose from 1 “Styles” with more planned for the future.
BestShot (Lite), you can choose only one type of style.

[Version 12]
Bug Fixes
1. Xperia, Regza Phone, etc., some devices can not be uploaded to YouTube
2. there is a horizontal screen that can not be started
3. Lite version of the style selection screen, add advertisement BestShot Normal Edition

[Version 11]
Bug Fixes
1. "Creation movie screen" from the "Stock Selection Screen" when I returned to Crash.
2. "BestShot selection screen"error when playing videos in the last minute.
3. Sample music fails to play at "Downloading ..." would continue to be displayed.
4. "Stock selection screen" will become a black screen.
Additional Features
5. status bar in the movie making progress.
* HOME while creating video please press the button.

[Version 10]
Bug Fixes
1. to change the location of the video that you created.
* Even Gyarariapuri and the standard can now view the video you created.

Recent changes:
[Version 13]
Bug fixes
1. Can not operate without being updated style.
2. Bug screen is broken KYOCERA Sprint.
2-1. Video sample playback screen.
2-2. Material selection screen.
2-3. Selection screen BestShot.
Function addition
1. Completion message after you post to Twitter.
2. Displays a creation date in the video gallery.

Content rating: Everyone

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