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BlueTunes 1.10

With the Bluetooth headset to listen to music software.

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License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of BlueTunes 1.10

I just got a shiny new bluespoon headset to go with my phone. So obviously, I was like, "yo, I want to listen to music with it." Why? Because I can! So, I set out to figure out how. I came across the post you will find later on this page after hours of searching, on (of all places) the AT&T Wireless support forums. Who knew? So the cooler thing, is that I came up with a program of my own to effortlessly automate steps 1-6 below in a nice little program. I call that program bluetunes. I don't think this program really needs any documentation. It does actually kill a running process on your phone, which you should never do. So, don't run this program. If you do, don't blame me if something goes awry. I'll include the source code in the zip file for those of you who are interested. You should definitely sync your contacts and stuff with outlook before you run it. blah blah blah.

Incidentally, if you want to have your ENTIRE music collection available to you on your phone, download ORB. It is one of the coolest programs I've seen in a while. You should even be able to watch live TV if you have a TV tuner card on your computer!

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