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Bollywood Musiic wiKi 1.6

IF UPDATE FAILS , PLEASE UNINSTALL OLD VERSION Songs are searched and syncroniz

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License: Free

Downloads: 610

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Publisher's Description of Bollywood Musiic wiKi 1.6


Songs are searched and syncronized in alphabetical order for Easy navigation, songs may not work if the access is denied by hosting servers, we dont store any songs in our server. If you see a RED color, this means you already have this song in your mobile.

Options Availabe

1) Playing:Currently playing
2) Downloads:Current downloads
3) Listening:who is listening what
4) New:New movie release
5) Ghazals:A seprate section of songs
6) Connect:Connect to Orkut/Facebook/Twitter
7) Top Rated:Shows the rating done by user
8) Reviews:Shows the reviews done by user
9) contact Us:For more information , write to us

1)Playing will take you to a audioplayer, if any songs are playing in background you can use this option.The player have may options.
1)Play/Pause :Lets you control the player, streaming will not be stoped until its finished, once its finished it saves the current song, playing can be done in background.
2)Downloads :Downloads the current song, you can leave the player , but downloads will continue. which can be viewed in Downloads Option.
3)Reviews :You can post a review about the current song, which can be viewed by others.
4)Rate :You can post a rate about the current song, which can be viewed by others.
5)Google :Get more details about movie/ Album of the song interms of text/media.
6)Youtube :Get more details about movie/ Album of the song in terms of video.
7)Dedicate :You can dedicate a song to a person by providing an email, if that person is having this apps, they will be notified about this.
8)Images :Get more details about movie/ Album in terms of image.
9)Lyrics :We use Spider for the entire operation, This may or may not give accurate result. Their can be mistakes.
Downloads option show you the current status of downloads, you can close the application in the middle of download, later when you restart the application it resumes downloading from the last position.Downloads may be limited depending on your account.
Are you confused about which song to listen, use this option to find who is listening what, if this song is in RED color, it means you have already downloaded the song. Just click on the song to start playing.
4)New Release
Shows the latest movies released, click on one of the movie to get a list of songs, continue as usual.
Are you bored of listening to HiTech songs , take a look at the golden songs of the past.
This may not be abailable initially, but this enables you to post your activity on the web(Facebook,Orkut,Twitter etc).
7)Top Rated
Take a look at the most rated songs, you can rate a song while listening to it.
Lets you see what other think about the song they listened, you may post a review while listening.
9)Contact Us
Lets you reach us, you may face problems due to many reasons. There are wide varity of android handsets available, which are not tested. please let us know about your problems. By doing this you can assure a better product & better service to others.

Recent changes:

V 1.5
search option added.

V 1.4
Fixed Minor bugs

V 1.3
Fixed Minor bugs

V 1.2
First Version,Expect errors, since its not tested in many devices. Let us know the errors if you find one.

Content rating: Everyone

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