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CavacoProDGBD 1.0

A visual representation of 672 chords for the cavaco or cavaquinho.

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CavacoProDGBD provides a visual representation of 672 chords for the cavaco or cavaquinho, one of the most popular musical instruments in Brazil.

The cavaquinho can be traced back to Portugal, where it was taken from the mainland to the islands of Madeira. From there, the cavaquinho found its way to Brazil, Cape Verde, Azores, Hawaii and Indonesia.

In Hawaii, the cavaquinho was baptized ukulele which means jumping fleas for the fast style of playing.

The D-G-B-D tuning is the most popular in Brazil and Cape Verde and it was the original tuning brought from Madeira.

Despite its popularity, resources such as books are scarce, so most people learn how to play this instrument without knowing the names of the chords. CavacoPro was created out of the author's necessity to learn how to play. With this application, both students and teachers have quick access to information.

CavacoProDGBD includes the following chords:

Maj, Minor, Seventh, Minor Seventh, Fifth, Major Sixth, Minor Sixth, Major Seventh, Diminished, Diminished Seventh, Major Diminished Fifth, Augmented, Suspended Second, Suspended Fourth, Seventh Suspended Fourth, Minor Seventh Diminished Fifth, Major Added Ninth, Minor Added Ninth, Major Sixth Added Ninth, Minor Sixth Added Ninth, Seventh Diminished Fifth, Seventh Augmented Fifth, Seventh Minor Ninth, Seventh Augmented Ninth, Minor Major Seventh, Major Seventh Diminished Fifth, Major Seventh Augmented Fifth, Ninth, Minor Ninth, Major Ninth, Eleventh, Thirteenth.

CavacoProDGBD also includes the following sequences which are commonly used in Brazilian music:


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