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chroniX Radio 1.0.40

Sprint Users: This app probably won't work on your phone because Sprint runs a p

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License: Free

Downloads: 644

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Publisher's Description of chroniX Radio 1.0.40

Sprint Users: This app probably won't work on your phone because Sprint runs a proxy server on your phone that prevents streaming radio apps from working properly. SEE: "EVO UPDATE 3.70.651.1 BREAKS MEDIA STREAMING APPS" in the Sprint support forum.

If you are running a task killer that automatically kills apps... don't complain when apps don't work. Automatic Task Killers are garbage.

Please report any issue you have with this app to the developer by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking "Send email to developer". The comments section is not the proper place to put bug reports. Thanks for helping us make the application better by contributing to the development process.


We play everything from Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, moshcore, we have a wide variety available and something for everyone.

We have 3 different stations to choose from; ChroniX Aggression, ChroniX Metal, and ChroniX GRIT.

This app allows you to stream our 128k mp3 stream 24/7! Keep in mind that if you don't have an unlimited data plan you will quickly exceed your data limit with this app. We are not responsible for your data charges.

This application requires 3G, 4G or Wifi to use. Don't download the app and then wonder why it won't connect if you don't have high bandwidth access... you have been warned. Don't make us call you names.

If you experience any problems... please don't just add a critical comment... send the developer an email... he will fix your issue and he is a nice guy... I swear. The app is brand new and some people will probably experience an issue... no app is immune.

Don't ask why the app doesn't have XYZ feature or leave a comment asking the same question. If you want a feature added... email the developer.

Recent changes:
Removed Sprint Warning and fixed a bug with detecting network speed.

Content rating: Everyone

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