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Cloud Spy Cam Demo 1.6

Transform your phone into an advanced remote controlled wireless security/spy IP

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Cloud Spy Cam Demo 1.6

Transform your phone into an advanced remote controlled wireless security/spy IP camera capable of streaming real time camera video footage from the handset camera over WiFi/3G networks to a remote PC,Max or Linux server anywhere in the world. Additional features include automatic timed camera snapshot and image upload to the Cloud (gmail/picasa) or SD card, motion detection and automatic activation of camera snapshot mode or out-bound video streaming mode, remote control and the ability to control the application features running on the handset from anywhere in the world, power supply monitor automatically emails on power loss/gain and a lot more...

Demo version of Cloud Spy Cam. All features are enabled but application will ONLY run for a maximum time of 5 minutes.

For a full description of features and help guide please checkout

The main application features are covered below.

1 Supports real time video streaming over WiFi and 3G networks. Either connect to the device over WiFi and use VLC to view content or use the free streaming server (included) to stream real time camera video from the device over 3G. No third party included!

2 Supports capturing timed interval camera snapshots and uploading the images to the Cloud. Configure application to capture and send camera images to gmail or Picasa based on pre-configured timed intervals.

3 Supports motion detection. Automatically activate camera snapshot mode or out-bound video streaming mode.

4 Supports power monitor. Notifies using gmail when the battery status on the device changes. If the device is plugged into the mains, the device can detect a power failure from the mains and automatically email to notify.

5 Supports secure remote control from anywhere in the world. The application can be controlled remotely using gmail to switch on application features and change camera settings (i.e. zoom, turn camera flash light ON/OFF, adjust picture quality,switch on out-bound streaming...any many more).

6 Advanced performance settings to cater for long surveillance operations and limited power.

7 CloudCam runs as a background silent service and does not interfere with other running applications.

8 The application has been tested across a range of Android handsets/devices using a set of strenuous tests. The CloudCam application will stream content for a long as the battery lives! If the Android device is connected to a power supply, the CloudCam application will stream forever!

9 Free streaming server supports automatic presentation of real time streaming video content from the handset to waiting streaming players like VLC. Multiple streaming servers can run in parallel on a PC,Mac or Linux server servicing multiple CloudCam devices. This means multiple CloudCam devices can be viewed from a single source.

The application provides a range of features to service a variety tasks in everyday life like remote security/spy camera, home/workshop/office/lockup monitor (motion detection -notify you with real time camera snapshots or live handset camera video), baby/grand parent/pet monitor, hydroponic grow monitor/fishtank monitor (power monitor - auto alarm on premises power failure), serious resilient surveillance device (can stream video for weeks/months), travel picture buddy (switch on Snapshot mode to automatically capture snapshot images of your travels from your handset and upload directly to gmail or Picasa to share with your friends), stream multiple CloudCam cameras over WiFi/3G and control/view from a single source and monitor, morse code (turn ON/OFF the handset camera torch light remotely), wildlife nature watching...

Any questions then please drop an email to

I hope you enjoy!

Recent changes:
No functional updates. Update only to application manifest to expose the application to a wider range of Android devices on Android Market.

Content rating: Everyone

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