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Cool Volume Free 2.0.1

Adjusts volume automatically based on ambient noise level.

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License: Free

Downloads: 655

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Publisher's Description of Cool Volume Free 2.0.1

Do you always happen to miss your calls because you don't hear the ringtone in noisy streets? Or maybe sometimes the ringtone is too loud for a quiet place such as your office.
This app solves this problem by adjusting sound level automatically! It understands how noisy your environment is, and SHAZAM! The volume is as loud as you want it to be.

I know this is amazing! You can try free version which works on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and then happily buy full version!

Current features:
- Adjusts Ringtone, voice call and SMS notification volume
- Only active in receiving a call or SMS, so ...
- Does not drain phone battery at all
- Adjusts Media volume periodically
- Sets minimal and maximal volumes for quiet and busy places
- Sets sensitivity to noise means that with what ambient sound level set what volume.
- Shows changed volume notification or works completely silent

Future features:
- Sets vibration off when phone is on a horizontal surface like a table
- Auto increase ringtone when no one answers call
- Does not ring during sleep time
- and whatever you suggest!

If you have a problem with the app or think that it is not working, contact us. we will help you:

Recent changes:
Auto Media Volume feature added.
Some UI changes.

Content rating: Everyone

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