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CrestBreaker 1.8.0

An fresh and anime-styled adaptation of the classic game `MasterMind'.

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 1980

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Publisher's Description of CrestBreaker 1.8.0

An fresh and anime-styled adaptation of the classic game `MasterMind`, this game gives a new flavor to the original game. This demo is free to play, but limited to free play mode.
In CrestBreaker, you play a part as a general of a nation, in war with the neighbor. Your job is to launch numbered missiles matching the enemy`s building code, destroying them. The problem is, this codes are hidden.. Your only clue are those numbers can be any number ranging from 0-7, and that every building`s number are different from the other.
While this game is derived from the classic number guessing game "Mastermind", this game also offers a new twist from the original. The attacks and displays are animated, and given an anime-style look, giving the player a more fun environment. And an AI-player is introduced, which in return also launches attack to our building. There is also a UN-Support meter, which keep track of innocent civilian victims count. When this meter drops, the UN Troops will take over the nation responsible to the attacks and neutralizes them, which can also mean instant defeat. So not only players must guess the building codes correctly, they must also do them before the meter runs out.
The game`s tested on Nokia phones, and Sony Erricsson W-Series.

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