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daLockr - photos images video 1.0 rev 56M (beta)

Mark it, Share It & Track It. Take control of your digital assets with daLockr

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License: Free

Downloads: 708

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Publisher's Description of daLockr - photos images video 1.0 rev 56M (beta)

With daLockr users can take control of THEIR digital assets
Do you know where your images, photos, videos or audio landed?

Get all your digital assets Marked and Tracked with daLockr.

This is the beta version of the daLockr android App. Please goto and register to get an account at daLockr

daLockr is a cloud-based service that assists people with creation, tagging, sharing, protecting and tracking of their digital assets. Simply put, we help people retain control of their digital resources.

daLockr offers several easy to use services in a simple to understand flow and process all automatically linked up for you. No hassles of going to multiple places to share. No need to worry about your stuff being used without you knowing. See where it all ends up and how often it's being used or viewed. All these services combined into ONE single service.

Integrates with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and more to come

Content rating: Low Maturity

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