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Day of Grace 1.0.5

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Get the official App of Day of Grace! Day of Grace is a contemporary Christian rock band founded in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This high-energy group delivers a stunning performance that is both fun and engaging for all ages. The band consists of: Jeremy Smoot (lead vocalist/rhythm guitar), Jonathan Crowell (backup vocalist/Lead guitar), Mike Rose (effects guitar), Bobby Edmonds (Drums) and Spencer Burnham (bass). Together, this group of talented, seasoned performers creates a sound that is uniquely their own. Day of Grace excels in mixing great music with audience interaction, exemplifying their mission of providing Christian entertainment and Praise & Worship for the body of Christ, and to reach the lost for Him through song.

Day of Grace desires to play 100% for our God, and to spread His good news as far as His will takes them. As a band, Day of Grace believes God will do great things through them, and they are looking for opportunities to share their message through song wherever possible.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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