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DigiDrummer Lite 2.0

DigiDrummer Lite makes it easy and fun to play drums on your iPhone.

Software Information of DigiDrummer Lite 2.0

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 748

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Publisher's Description of DigiDrummer Lite 2.0

- Low latency
- High quality 16-bit drum samples!
- Recording and playback function
- User interface designed for playing with your fingers in mind.
- Slide across the pads! This brings fantastic new possibilities and speed to your drum play!
- 8 drumpads
- Play along to your iPod music

User instructions for playing along
to music:
* Start up your iPod and fire up a song
* Start DigiDrummer Lite
* Play along!
* To change song in your iPod from DigiDrummer Lite - doubletap quick on your homebutton to bring up the iPods song selector
Note: Volume levels differs on
different song mixes. Thereby the drums
volume levels can sound "to low" in compare to some of your songs.
We are "locked down" from changing the iPods volume level towards DigiDrummers. The Ipods volume level overrule all volume on your device.

If you enjoyed DigiDrummer Lite please
check out the "real" DigiDrummer with
many more drumsets, recording and other features.

FAQ: This solves eventual problems:
- No sound? To hear the sounds you
can not be in "silent mode" and the
soundeffects must be turned on in your device settings menu. As easy as 1 2 3.
- Check your volume in the audio settings menu of your device. iPod Touch: check that your headphones or speaker is turned on.
- DigiDrummer Lite works on ALL DEVICES with the 2.2 firmware or later.

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