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Dood's Music Streamer 1.1.6 v4

Stream unlimited music for free. Huge collections of music from

Software Information of Dood's Music Streamer 1.1.6 v4

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License: Free

Downloads: 1745

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Publisher's Description of Dood's Music Streamer 1.1.6 v4

Stream unlimited music from's massive database for FREE and without registration. No longer will you have to search for a song and get "radio stations similar to...". Just search and play what you want. This app features radio mode which reads your current playlist and add songs you'll enjoy automatically, if you want that is. Like and dislike songs to help customize the experience with radio mode.

- Unlimited free music streaming
- Search by title or artist and get the actual song, not a radio station
- No registration required
- Local and GrooveShark playlist support
- GrooveShark's "My Music" import support
- GrooveShark's customized radio mode support
- Prebuffer upcoming songs for zero delay between songs
- Uses Androids built in media player
- Flashplayer is NOT required
- Auto closes when not in use
- Google Voice Search (Listen to...) support. Requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher.
- Home widget
- Offline Streaming

*Permissions Usage Explanation*
READ PHONE STATE: This is required to automatically pause the music when a phone call is active.

WAKE LOCK: Some devices cannot stream music with the screen turned off as it goes to sleep. This will keep your device awake ONLY when music is playing.

INTERNET: To stream music of course!

WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Used for storing of album art and offline streaming content. Devices with multiple storage solutions will be defaulted to the primary external storage. An external store is considered as what can be mounted via USB.

ACCESS NETWORK STATE: To see if your device has internet.

If the app crashes, I'd really appreciate it if you send the crash report so I can fix the problem. Suggestions are also welcomed in the comments or email at Thank you.

Some usage notes:
- Some phones will have problems streaming ALL songs. Try enabling "Songs Not Playing Fix" from the settings menu.
- There are a lot of extra options by pressing your MENU key or long pressing list items
- You can close the "Loading..." dialog at any time by pressing your BACK key. If you press the pause button before the song starts buffering it'll stop the stream from downloading and playing.
- Radio isn't perfect. Sometimes it won't fetch a new song. It could either be because of a bug in my code or you need more songs in the playlist. If a radio song doesn't load by the end of the list, try liking more songs then play the last song on the playlist to fetch a new radio song.
- The spinning loading icon on the title bar means it is connecting to the GrooveShark servers in some way (like fetching a new song for the radio or downloading album art).
- This app is NOT suited for driving as your phone will be switching between cell towers too often, and slow buffering will possibly be a problem for people passing by areas with poor wireless coverage.

>>This app has ad banners at the top that does not interrupt music<<

This app was made just for fun and because I was really bored. This is a side project and is updated only when I have free time. This app and its developers is not associated in any way with or its affiliates. You can help expand GrooveShark's music collection by visiting them at their website.

Past releases of this app can be downloaded at

Last Update
*Fixed Edit not updating
*Fixed Search check showing wrong adds
*Fixed A case of adding the same song twice to a playlist
*Fixed "Delete Offline Songs" from playlist doing nothing
*Fixed Offline song count showing the wrong amount
*Fixed Ad behavior
*Deleting offline songs now delete instantly
*Tweaked custom radio
-Liked songs weight changes more dynamically
-Removing song from queue now removes it from the like list
-Suggested songs will show the same artist less frequently

Recent changes:
*Fixed Search not searching after v3 update. Giant face palm to me
*Fixed Search Tab being completely blank
*Fixed Offline Cache progressbar not updating
*Fixed FC for those who updated from 1.1.5
*New Offline options in settings menu(see usage info)
*New Save/Remove Offline Cache queue on long press
*Fixed A case of the media playing erroring all songs
*Added confirmation to clear queue
*Added Offline Disk usage under Playlist
*Thread optimizations

Content rating: Everyone

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