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Drum Kit - a pro drum set 3.1

DrumKit - a fully customizable virtual collection of drums and cymbals

Software Information of Drum Kit - a pro drum set 3.1

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License: Free

Downloads: 5849

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Publisher's Description of Drum Kit - a pro drum set 3.1

DrumKit is a fully customizable multi-touch virtual collection of drums and cymbals that allows you to play them on your Android device. Sounds are taken from real drum set.

We are excited to invite you to try new DrumKit with major performance improvement!

DrumKit presents you feature "Drum Shop" which enables you getting many new drum elements! You can buy them (additional elements via PayPal).

If you fill your screen with too much elements, don't worry! DrumKit has feature "Drum Editor" which enable you to select which element should be active.

If you find some kind of a problem, please contact us by mail so we can reply. Thanks!

NOTICE: Some users complained about apps permissions. These are required while buying drum components via PayPal directly from your phone.

Recent changes:
changed graphic of hi-hat
added hi-hat pedal and open hi-hat to basic set
added china cymbal to basic set

Content rating: Everyone

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