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DVD To GO 2.9.9

Desktop application giving you a quick and easy way to convert DVDs

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Windows Mobile


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Publisher's Description of DVD To GO 2.9.9

DVD To GO is a desktop application giving you a quick and easy way to convert DVDs and video files to any Mobile device

-. DVD To GO is highly easy to use with its simple step by step Wizard interface!
-. Windows Mobile Smartphones supported (qVGA, VGA and square screen).
-. You can fit a standard DVD on just a single 128mb memory card.
-. Crispy clear picture! Higher quality video and audio, supporting 730 Kbit/s video with CD quality sound.
-. You can record multiple episodes to separate files (and its easy to do!).
-. Possibility to convert entire movie or only some part. For example: a specific DVD chapter.
-. Full offline manual. The included manual contains a wealth of information in regards of all the options in DVD To GO. It includes a Quick Start - Step by Step guide -.
-. Set start & stop time for recording.
-. You can change the language and subtitles, using the DVD Menu.
-. Compatible to all DVDs. DVD To GO can successfully convert dozens of special DVD titles which other software does not support.
-. Video file conversion.
-. No additional software needed on Pocket PC!
-. Adjustable quality. You can either limit the output file size manually or just choose the video quality.
-. Assign any Folder for Output Files. DVD To GO selects, by default, your Desktop as the destination of your converted
-.You can change the output file name.
-.Conversion is "True Real-Time", faster than other softwares while supporting full DVD features.
-.No temporary disk space is needed, while other software may require 4 to 9GB additional free disk space.
-.No more black bars on top and bottom of the movie. Support cropping mode "Widescreen & Fullscreen".
-.Dual core CPU support.
-. Free trial version is available - try before you buy.

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Windows Mobile


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