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Ensic 1.2

With Ensic, you won’t be bored. Rhythm is in your hand.

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iPhone OS 3.0 Tested
Enjoy your music – Ensic
With Ensic, you won’t be bored. Rhythm is in your hand.
With built-in instruments, you get different sounds to accompany with your own favorite songs in your iPod library, you will also get relieved anywhere with your headphones.
You can choose your song list in landscape orientation.
With the clarified listing, you can see song name, artist information and artwork.
Shaking Sensitivity and more options are adjustable in settings, which are available in the information button when selecting instruments.
You can Tap or Shake with these instruments:
1. Maracas (Shake)
2. Tambourine (Tap, Shake)
3. Castanets (Tap)
4. Wooden Fish (Tap)
5. Triangle (Tap)
6. Shake type Castanets (Shake)
7. Bell (Shake)

Ensic is design for several purpose:
1. When taking subway, you can play it!
2. When attending party, you can play it with friends and show your creative!
3. Landscape mode player which displays long song title and more information!
Now, just have fun with Ensic!
What’s new in this version:
1. Add a new instrument: Bell
2. Change splash screen
3. Add French Localize
4. Improve sound quality

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