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Free mp3 music 1.0

Our Free mp3 music is the best available tool on android to search for mp3 songs

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Our Free mp3 music is the best available tool on android to search for mp3 songs from a huge online songs directory and save

them to their android phone's SD card. The most convinient way to search for your favourite song or lyrics and download

them to your android.start downloading your favourite songs now!

* Multi-Language support.
* Manage Downloaded content.
* Search and display lyrics.
* Search, Preview and download music.
* Downloads from high speed server.
* Set mp3 as default ringtone, alarm.
* Manage Songs: play | delete | set as Ringtone notification.
* Multi-thread download coming soon.

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Watch the most famous TV shows online, we are going to give many more TV series shows directly to your mobile, all type of shows like music, adventure, cartoon, animated, sci-fi, action, comedy, talk shows, romance and many more.
To make you aware that it will consume the least battery power possible unlike the other battery apps or the games like angry monkey or angry birds.
Make sure you have android 2.1 version and flash player 10 installed on your mobile to watch it without interruption.

Please note that we don't host any videos directly from our server. These are just the links from different sites like vimeo, megavideos, youtube etc.
Very soon we are going to launch some app which helps you in save your battery and memory, scanner which can scan the face and finger, games which will make you forget angry birds and angry monkey, card game like solitaire, poker, texas holdem, blackjack etc.

We are very sorry to inform you that we don't work on the porn stuff and any porn based apps, which include nudity or XXX materials. Pornography is strictly prohibited in our company.
Rather we will be soon launching apps related to Bible and Quran. Global news from all over the world directly on your mobile. Dictionary for android, Terminal for rooted phones, youtube downloader, MP3 downloader, Battery saving apps, Memory management apps, Currency converter,Back up tool apps, online radios.
MP3 downloader and you tube downloader is almost ready and will be launched by the end of next week, where you can download and enjoy you tube videos and mp3 songs of your own choice on your mobile and play it anywhere any time.
To play those videos our engineers are working on the music player and video player which will support all types of files like mp3, mp4, mov, 3gp, avi, flash. Just download our video player and enjoy, no need to install different player for different files formats.
Please make sure your mobile is connected to internet before starting the app, for best results try it on WIFI or 3G or 4G.
Also, we recommend apps like Solitaire Mega Pack and Golf Solitaire. However we don’t like Scopa, we have no problem with Texas Hold'em Online, Monkey, iSpades - A Spades game
because they all have money slots.
Looking forward to bring you more of your favorite TV series and shows on to your mobile.

Content rating: Everyone

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