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Fun Audio Effector (Demo) 1.01

Create your favorite sounds!

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Fun Audio Effector (Demo) 1.01

Fun Audio Effector allows you to create your favorite sounds easily.
Fun Audio Effector provides various kinds of audio effects with easy user interface.

This is the demo version of Fun Audio Effector.
The demo version allows you to try all the features in Fun Audio Effector.
Although the demo time limit is 3 minutes, you can try again and again even after the demo time expires.


- Easy user interface that consists only of slide volumes and buttons
- 5-band graphic equalizer
- 13-preset equalizer: 3 user-defined presets (press & hold the button to save the equalizer setting), and 10 system-defined presets
- Bass boost
- Virtual 3D audio
- Simple spectrum analyzer
- Notification icon to indicate that the audio effect engines are activated
- 2 effector source modes: Player mode for the current media player, and Output mix mode for any audio outputs
(Player mode may not work with some third-party media players. In this case, select output mix mode.)
- Supports both landscape and portrait screens with optimized layout, also supports auto-screen-rotation


1. Some custom OSs may not support all of the audio effect engines used by this application. In this case, some or all of the features may not function.

2. Uninstall the demo version before using the production version.

Recent changes:
Fixed the following problems:
(1). If a music LWP is used, the spectrum analyzer doesn't work after the off-to-on transition of screen power.
(2). If memory is low, the application crashes in rare cases.

Content rating: Everyone

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