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Fun with Your Pets 2.0

Drive your Pets Crazy; Drive your Peers Crazy; Drive Everyone Crazy!!!

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Publisher's Description of Fun with Your Pets 2.0

I'm sure everyone at one point or another has seen their Pet respond to certain sounds in an inquisitive manner- It can be pretty entertaining.

This does just that. It is a simple sound board that makes your pets go crazy. Not all animals will respond in the same way.

This is also a work in progress, I've added a few extra soundbytes for fun; but expect updates with several more animals/pets to come.
The extras are: 1) "Teen deterrent" You'll recognize as the famous "Mosquito" high frequency sound, that only teenagers can hear (warning: has been known to cause headaches for teenagers and will irritate the hell out of them). 2) "Don't Push" Is arguably the most annoying frequency for most people under 60 (warning: also know to cause headaches and will definitely irritate just about everyone). 3) "Bear Cub" I live in the mtns where bears are prevalent, sometimes you hear an unidentifiable animal call that is very eery; after some research I determined it was a cub's call. Now I placed this sound here purely for educational reasons: DO NOT Play this sound in the presence of a bear, you will most likely be attacked (You've been warned).

Disclaimer: If you feel that these sounds may cause your pet distress, then by all means don't download this. Also, once again DO NOT play the Bear Cub call Near any bear!! All sounds were either made myself, or obtained through permission and, or from royalty free sources.

Content rating: Everyone

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