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Groove 1.0.1

It will browse your music library and propose you artists, albums and mixes.

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 397

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Publisher's Description of Groove 1.0.1

With your iPod/iPhone music library growing every day, how many times did you start your music player wondering what to play? How many times was shuffle just not enough for you? Well, with Groove those times are over! It will browse your music library and propose you artists, albums and mixes like your own personal DJ. When you're tired of what you're listening, simply shake 'n GROOVE on something else.

Key features:
- Let Groove surprise you with some music you like in only one click.
- Get an instant mix of your favorite songs by an artist.
- Play sets of three songs by artist with the "Three of a Kind" music experience.
- As opposed to the iPod shaking feature, Groove will suggest either an artist or album you like or a mix of songs you love.
- Groove will organize your albums and artists by favorites.
- When you don't know what to listen to check out Groove's "Featured" page for some suggestions based on your listening habits.
- If you have an Internet connection, Groove will download artworks for the artists in your library.
- If you are driving, simply swipe left or right to change songs.

What's new
New Features:
- You can now choose what action to perform when shaking the device.
- You can select the minimum songs an album/artist must have in order to be shown in the list of albums/artists.
- You can now disable auto-lock so that you always see what's playing which can be useful while driving.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
- Improve performance (especially with OS 3.1).
- Improve resuming feature. You can now exit the app (or take a phone call) while music is playing and when you come back, the playback will not be interrupted.
- Fix playback when the iPod player is in shuffle mode.

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