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Guitar Mobile Tools 1.2

It plays two different and customizable sound with tempo and bpm editable.

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License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of Guitar Mobile Tools 1.2

GMT is a j2me application for mobile phones, developed to give a kind of help and tips to musicians, in particular for guitarists. It offers a metronome, a tuner emulator, a list of chords and a list of scales.

The metronome plays two different and customizable sound with tempo and bpm editable. The last beat is drawn in a different color and is played with a different sound.

The tuner emulation is a tool capable to play all the guitar strings or 12 piano keys in different octaves, so you can listen to the right tonality and tune your guitar or bass!

You can learn the name of each string and tone, chords and scale, and how to play it, looking at the postion of the fingers in the handle of your guitar. Listening to the selected chord or scale, you`ll be able to compare and refine your execution: there are 12 tonality of chords and 7 scales for each of the 12 semitones.

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