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Insy TV 2.02.32

Insy TV is the first implementation of the nonlinear signaled television concept

Software Information of Insy TV 2.02.32

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symbian s60 v3

symbian s60 v5


License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of Insy TV 2.02.32

This first version has materialized mainly as a video messaging application. If you ever wondered if it is possible to send live video messages from one mobile phone to another for free, then you have already understood what Insy is all about.

And that is not all that Insy can do. Broadcasting worldwide is the other nice feature we included in the first release. It would be fun and entertaining to watch what other members of the community have decided to share with us. And you can always post live or pre-uploaded video clips.

Modern mobile phones represent the ideal support for implementing a NLS system. They have all needed characteristics: a large screen, high speed Internet connection, video camera and quality loud speakers. And most important, since they are mobile personal devices we shall find them in the proximity of their owners most of the time.

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symbian s60 v3

symbian s60 v5


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