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Interval Recognition 2.1

Interval recognition / ear training.Plays random interval from user defined list

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License: Free

Downloads: 849

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Publisher's Description of Interval Recognition 2.1

Interval recognition / ear training application - plays a random interval from user defined list. Interval can be ascending, descending or harmonic. Set BPM, instrument, note velocity. As well as single intervals, random phrases of multiple intervals can be generated based on selected intervals or a scale / mode, with definable rhythm, pitch range and length.

Includes listen mode to compare intervals.

Helps to associate intervals with common melodies to make them easier to learn and remember.

Save settings
Set root note / range
Intervals can be up to 2 octaves

Recent changes:
Phrases can be based on modes / scales and not just the selected intervals.

Long press on Repeat to play part of the phrase. Long press on Next to skip the entire phrase.

Play Scale Button - in phrase mode the current set of intervals or mode / scale.


Content rating: Everyone

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