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Johnny Test Tube 1.0

Johnny Test is a Canadian/American animated television series.

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Johnny Test is a Canadian/American animated television series.

It premiered on Kids’ WB, on The WB Television Network, on September 17, 2005. Later, it was introduced to Cartoon Network UK on January 12, 2006. First, as a sneak preview on Jungle Saturdays Block, and then on June 5, 2006, added to its daily lineup. Despite the merger of the UPN and that programming block’s parent channel into The CW Television Network, the show still continued to air on Kids’WB, on The CW, with its second and third seasons, through October 28, 2006 to until March 1, 2008.

The series currently airs in the United States on Cartoon Network, as of January 7, 2008, and in Canada on Teletoon, as of October 28, 2006.[6] International airings include Teletoon in Canada, Nick Germany, Nick Netherlands, Disney Channel Spain, NHK Japan and on Cartoon Network in Latin America, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, India and Sweden.[7] The show was produced by Warner Bros. Animation for the first season and later seasons by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The series is rated TV-Y7 for the first four seasons, and TV-Y7-FV for the fifth.

The series revolves around the adventures of the title character, Johnny Test, an 11-year-old suburban boy who lives with his super-genius 13-year-old twin sisters, Susan and Mary, both of whom are scientists. They reside in the fictional town of Porkbelly, which is alternately located in Ontario, British Columbia, or California, depending on the flag displayed at Johnny's school. Johnny is often used as a test subject for his genius twin sisters' inventions and experiments, which range from gadgets to superpowers. Their experiments often cause problems that he must resolve, and he must sometimes fight villains in the process. He occasionally saves the world with his sisters' inventions.

A fourth season of the show debuted on Teletoon on September 10, 2009, and on Cartoon Network in the U.S. on November 9, 2009. As revealed and announced o

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