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Universal media control widgets that can control any media app that works with b

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Media Buttons 1.0

Universal media control widgets that can control any media app that works with bluetooth controls (AVRCP). Use them to play/pause whatever music or other audio is currently playing instead of hunting for the controls for the media player you are currently using.

Great for control of media apps that don't have a control widget (such as Google Listen). Also useful on car dock screens or lock screens that take widgets (like Car Dock Home v3 or WidgetLocker).

This widget will NOT appear on the lockscreen unless you also buy an app like WidgetLocker that can put widgets on the lockscreen. Android makes it difficult to alter the lockscreen and other apps like WidgetLocker take care of the heavy lifting needed to make it work.

This "app" won't appear in your list of apps because it is a widget. If you are unfamiliar with android widgets, watch this video to learn how to use them:

Each widget is a single control (play/pause, next, previous, fast forward, rewind) so that you can add the buttons you want and arrange them as you prefer. You need to start your music the first time directly from your media app, but then you can use the widgets to control the music.

Works by emulating a bluetooth control device (AVRCP), so it only works with a media app if that app supports bluetooth control. However this widget itself doesn't use bluetooth, so it is usable even if your phone doesn't have bluetooth.

Known to work with:
* Google Listen
* Mixzing
* Pandora
* AudioGalaxy
* Rhapsody
* The Blur music player on Motorola handsets
* Google Listen
* Amazon MP3

Known to not work with:
* DoubleTwist (doesn't seem to have any bluetooth support AFAICT)

Now supports themes. If you want to change your theme, add a new widget and use the "Select Icon Theme" button at the bottom of the configuration screen. This will change the theme for all existing widgets. Two themes are included right now and I'm open to suggestions for more. It also supports adding your own theme. If you know how to create a png file and a zip file, you probably have enough know-how to make your own theme. For details, read

Licensed under the Apache License. Code available at

Recent changes:
* Added support for themes and created a new theme that looks like round brushed metal buttons. Also added support for users to create their own theme packs. See above for details.
* Added the widget images to the configuration screen.
* Increased the resolution of the widget images so that they look a little better.
* Fixed widget scaling so that the image is a big as the widget space allows.

Content rating: Everyone

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