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Melody Maker 1.0

Generate, play and save random melodies in a given key and given scale.

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Publisher's Description of Melody Maker 1.0

Do you have trouble creating melodies for your songs? Many musicians find it easy to create chord sequences and lyrics, but very difficult to create memorable melodies. This is the premier tool for the musician / song writer who needs some assistance in creating those memorable hooks that make hit songs. The Melody Maker can generate, play and save random melodies in a given key and given scale, mode or chord. Generate memorable tunes on the fly! Includes support for the following scales, modes and chords:

1. Major
2. Natural Minor
3. Harmonic Minor
4. Melodic Minor
5. Ionian Mode
6. Dorian Mode
7. Phrygian Mode
8. Lydian Mode
9. Mixolydian Mode
10. Aeolian Mode
11. Locrian Mode
12. Major Triads
13. Minor Triads
14. Augmented Triads
15. Diminished Triads
16. Major 7th Chords
17. Minor 7th Chords
18. Dominant 7th Chords
19. Pentatonic Scales
20. Pentatonic Minor Scales
21. Blues Scale

The random melodies that are created use random beat patterns as well for rhythmic variation. Melodies can be saved with a name and retrieved later to play again. As of version 1.1, the program allows you to compose melodies as well.

The developer of the program at Cool Gadgets personally responds to all inquiries and provides prompt, courteous and complete support. The program includes excellent documentation as well. Try the demo version if you are concerned about the sound capabilities of your device. The demo version allows you to open and use it 5 times.

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