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Metronome 1.5.1

This is a Metronome application for mobile phones.

Software Information of Metronome 1.5.1

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 2656

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Publisher's Description of Metronome 1.5.1

Metronome application for mobile phones.

Provides a convenient alternative to conventional metronomes, always available wherever you and your mobile phone are.

Assists musicians in keeping a regular tempo while playing or rehearsing. Provides metronome beats at various tempo settings from 20 up to 840 beats per minute and NEW Beat Patterns and alternative Visual beat display. An optional beginning of bar (bell) sound can be set for the appropriate number of beats in a bar.

The Detect Tempo function will determine the current tempo from multiple key presses and then synchronize its own metronome beat to the detected tempo.

Volume, beats per bar and tempo settings are adjustable via quick shortcut keys as well as from the main settings menu.

Includes Concert A tone for tuning


- Start/Stop
- Audio or Visual Beat Display
- Tempo
- Volume control
- Beats per bar or complex Beat Patterns
- Tempo detection
- Concert A tuning
- Alternative beat sounds (where phone supports more than one)
- Alternative bell sounds
- Automatic regulation
- Settings autosaved on exit
- Shortcut keys for common settings

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