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midomi Ultra 2.1

Midomi Ultra is the fastest way to find and explore music.

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Publisher's Description of midomi Ultra 2.1

Love Music? Midomi Ultra is the fastest way to find and explore music - just sing, hum or hold your iPhone up to a speaker, and Midomi names the tune! You can also instantly check out a song or band - just by saying or typing the name. With Midomi's unparalleled search and music browsing, you and your friends can get in touch with music like never before.

Midomi Ultra is powered by Melodis' own Sound2Sound Search Science, which enables fast and accurate searching. It's easy to use:

- To identify a recorded song you hear playing, like in a bar or on the radio: just tap the big orange button, hold the iPhone near the speaker (without singing or talking over the recording), and wait for Midomi to return a result.

- To search for a song you sing or hum: tap the big orange button, sing or hum solo with no background music or noise, then tap the button again when done.

- To find a song or artist when you already know the name: tap the gray Say Search button (the one with the speech bubble), then say something like: "Single Ladies by Beyonce," "Rolling Stones," or "I Love College."

Once Midomi Ultra has found your song, it automatically brings up a music browser which lets you:
- Instantly play a preview or youTube videos - without even leaving Midomi
- Buy the song in iTunes
- NEW: Share it over email, Facebook, or Twitter
- Find lyrics
- Check out the whole album, or the artist - including a bio, photos, similar artists, and more.

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