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MikuMikuDroid 0.25

This software enables your phones to playing pmd/vmd files used in MikuMikuDance

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of MikuMikuDroid 0.25

[WARNING] Physics simulation is still under construction, and it may DAMAGE YOUR PHONE, so please use it at your own risk. Default is OFF.
[notice] if you cannot start MikuMikuDroid, try to delete Application Data from Application management menu.

This software enables your android phones to playing pmd/vmd files used in "MikuMikuDance" ( created by Higuchi-san, and fill up your android phones with HATSUNE Miku. The current version of this software supports only playing your motion with music. Editing vmd/pmd files is not supported yet.

This software does not includes models, motions and musics, so you must prepare these files and put them predetermined directories. The base directory is /sdcard/MikuMikuDroid or /sdcard/.MikuMikuDroid, and the structure of directories follows the application "MikuMikuDance". Moreover, this software needs Data/toon??.bmp distributed in the "MikuMikuDance", so you must prepare these files as follows.

1. create directory "MikuMikuDroid" or ".MikuMikuDroid" in the SD Card area, i.e. mkdir /sdcard/MikuMikuDroid, or mkdir /sdcard/.MikuMikuDroid
2. copy Data directory and UserFile directory in MikuMikuDance Ver 5.x to /sdcard/MikuMikuDroid or /sdcard/.MikuMikuDroid
3. copy your pmd files to UserFile/Model, vmd files to UserFile/Motion, music files to UserFile/Wave directory or with sub-directory.
4. (optional) copy your .bmp, .jpg, .png files to UserFile/BackGround, .x file to UserFile/Accessory or UserFile/Model directory or with sub-directory.

I use following models and motions to make these screenshots. Thank you.

-Model "Lat-type Miku Ver2.3"
-Model "Rea"
-Motion "Yellow"

Currently, there are problems as follows.

1. Sphere mapping, shadow and the physics are not supported
2. Shading may not be correct
3. Loading multiple models may not display due to insufficient memory. Memory usage depends on the number of vertices mainly.

Recent changes:
bugs that stall physics simulation for long-time-no-motion objects is fixed.
bugs that fails reading model with zero rigid body or joint is fixed.
fix physics stability when physics on/off.

Content rating: Everyone

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