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Mobileteca 2.1

It allows you to organize and manage your DVD, CD and Book collection.

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License: Shareware

Downloads: 2715

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Publisher's Description of Mobileteca 2.1

MobileTeca is your complete software, which allows you to organize and manage your DVD, CD and Book collection.

You will able to keep track of DVD’s, CD’s and Book’s that you own, that you have loaned, that you want to buy, and more.

There is available easy filtering or searching, which allows you to know a movie director’s name, actors, a book author's name, a CD music's list, and more.

- Easy to use graphical interface
- Colour Coded Screens
- DVD, CD and Book lists
- Loan Tracking Options
- Articles List
- Help
- Easy filtering and searching, which allows you to search on many different fields
- Available for PC Windows
- Synchronization between PC and PPC
- SQL ServerCe Technology
- On-Line Updates
- Small Memory requirements
- Robust database engine and design
- Download DVD and CD information from the Internet
- Available for PocketPC 2003
- Available in English and Portuguese

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Windows Mobile


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