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Modo - Computer Music Player 1.3

Play C64 Sid, SNES/NES, Amiga Tracker files & more. Sleep timer & volume boost.

Software Information of Modo - Computer Music Player 1.3

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License: Free

Downloads: 566

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Publisher's Description of Modo - Computer Music Player 1.3

Plays music from:

* Amiga tracker files (.mod .xm .it. .s3 .med)
* C64 (SID Player, HVSC #54 Songlength DB integrated)
* Nintendo SNES / NES / Gameboy
* Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) / Master System
* Amstrad CPC / ZX Spectrum / Atari Pokey

* Sleep timer
* Volume boost
* Shuffle
* Direct seek within tracker formats
* Fast forward for other formats
* Not overloaded, just plays

Important: Exit via home button to keep music playing in background. Exit via back button to stop the background service and quit app.

Enjoy some nice 8/16bit tunes!!

I could only test on my low end HTC Tattoo, so let me know how is the experience on your device. Thank you.

Recent changes:
Changelog March 13, 2011:

* Added: Transparent Wallpaper. You can choose an overlay color and alpha value.

Content rating: Everyone

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