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Mono Guitar Free 1.02

The Mono guitar is a fun piece of software, a playable guitar that really works.

Software Information of Mono Guitar Free 1.02

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License: Free

Downloads: 1139

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Publisher's Description of Mono Guitar Free 1.02

Plays a single note at a time, one handed. With a little practise, you'll soon be able to get some tunes out of it.

Mono Guitar Free comes with three different sounds, clean, dirty and distortion. You can noodle and riff to your hearts content.

One finger power chords have been added to the latest release, now you can jam with friends.

Use string bends and slides to enhance your playing.

22 frets are covered in groups of 5, plus half a fret below to allow the zero fret to be played instead of open strings, and sliding into notes.

Long touch the yellow bar then slide to change the fret position.

You can choose to play left handed and the layout will be reversed.

Sorry no shredding, the technology is just not up to it yet!.

The app is aware of different sized devices and tries to position itself so that it is in the easiest position to play. If it doesn't seem correct on your device, please let us know and we will do our best to make it work for you.

For those having trouble with it, it's a monophonic instrument on a touch screen so you need to lift your fingers once the note has finished, more like playing a keyboard, otherwise other notes will not sound.

Check out my youtube video, just a touch of reverb added to the mix.

Recent changes:
Fixed a bug that stopped the app when power chords were selected on restart.

Content rating: Everyone

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