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Movie Maker Lite 1.0

This app allows you to create, enjoy and share stop motion animation films.

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 3232

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Publisher's Description of Movie Maker Lite 1.0

Movie Maker Lite is a limited version of the Movie Maker Application. It is limited to two movies and does not allow sharing to the MovieMakerZone web site. It will show the power of making stop motion animation movies with your iPhone.

Movie Maker Lite allows you to create, enjoy and share stop motion animation films using the built-in camera. You can bring a toy to life using stop motion, or take a snapshot once a day of a garden then watch your flowers grow right on the iPhone. All photos must be taken manually. The application does not support automated photography at timed intervals.

Simply create a film project with the movie’s title, credits, cast, and production crew. Using the camera you can create fun and entertaining films.

Want to make even better films? Check out our custom animation stand at to get your own (tripod not included). The animation stand is perfect for filming with clay, toys, or animated drawings on a whiteboard.

Visit to see examples of stop motion films made exclusively with the iPhone.


- Easy to use. Make your first animation in minutes.
- Ability to control the display time for a photo.
- Ability to add a caption to introduce a scene.
- Ability to add a pause between scenes.
- Great to keep the kids (or yourself) busy.
- Organizes your films.
- Stores the pictures inside each project for easy access.

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