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MPC Ctrl 1.6.0

MPC Ctrl is another MPC-HC remote control app for Android. Free / no ads!

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License: Free

Downloads: 789

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Publisher's Description of MPC Ctrl 1.6.0

MPC Ctrl is another MPC-HC remote control app for Android.
It is free, and contains no ads!

For more info, FAQ, support, visit my website!



Main Screen:
File Name, Timestamp, Seek/Skip (Custom Length!), Audio Track Prev/Next, Adjust Audio Delay(ms), Mute, Playlist Prev/Next, Play/Pause, Toggle Fullscreen, Volume, Close MPC (Menu Button)

Swype to show Pan & Scan controls:
Zoom Directional, Zoom Proportional, Reset, Move Directional

File Browser:
Shortcut to Drive List, Shortcut to current playing file's directory, NEW: File Browser Favorites w/ Labels, NEW: Browse Network Shares

IP Address, Port, Seek Length, NEW: Pause on Incoming Call


MPC Configuration:

- Open MPC-HC
- Select "View" >> "Options", then select "Web Interface".
- Check the box labeled "Listen on port".

- Make sure MPC-HC is allowed through your firewall!



I accept Electronic-Ms here:
Please include phone model / screen resolution / android version.

If you like my work please consider making a donation at my website.
I assure you that all proceeds will go towards tacos and nothing else.

Tested Resolutions and Densities
(Android v1.6 and up.)

- WXGA (1280x800) (xLarge - MDPI)
- WVGA854 (480x854) (Large - MDPI)
- WVGA800 (480x800) (Large - LDPI)
- WVGA800 (480x800) (Large - MDPI)
- WVGA800 (480x800) (Normal - HDPI)
- HVGA (320x480) (Normal - MDPI)
- WQVGA400 (240x400) (Normal - LDPI)
- WQVGA432 (240x432) (Normal - LDPI)
- QVGA (240x320) (Small - LDPI)

Added "Saved Locations" feature to file browser.
Use the menu button on the file browser to list saved locations, or to add a new one.
By default the directory currently being browsed will be selected, but you may enter a custom label and path.
If you want to browse folders that are shared on your network, you can add a saved location with a path of:
The MPC web interface browser doesn't list network locations, but manually entering them and saving them will work!

Fixed extra slashes on filenames with escaped characters.
Disabled browse activity while offline.
Fixed redirect on empty Saved Locations List.
Various bug fixes and speed improvement between activities.

Added custom seek length to settings page.
No more being limited to 2, 5, or 20 seconds!!
Great for TV series with long intros.


Can't Connect? Here's a few reasons why you might not be able to:

* Web Interface isn't enabled (See above).
You will need to restart MPC-HC after you enable the
web interface.

You can also verify that the web interface is available through your web browser:


* "Enable compression" is checked.
With some versions of MPC-HC, enabling compression
can cause you to be unable to connect.

* You need to let MPC-HC through your firewall program.


Planned Future Updates:
- HD Graphics for Tablets
- Subtitles Toggle
- Pause on Incoming Call
- Server Profiles
- Custom skip length
- DVD Controls
- Video Frame
- Boss Key

Recent changes:
Added Pause on Incoming Call feature

Content rating: Everyone

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