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Music Player 1.0

**Dear user: Please note this version does NOT support playlist, please download

Software Information of Music Player 1.0

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License: Free

Downloads: 3556

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Publisher's Description of Music Player 1.0

**Dear user: Please note this version does NOT support playlist, please download Music Player V2 instead if you wish to edit/play playlist**

Thank you for choosing Music Player application. It offers a simple and easy to use user interface allowing you to access and play all the songs on your phone with no more than two finger touches.

Full features include:
- A two row homescreen widget with Album Art, song title and artist's name displayed allowing access to all songs.
- In portrait mode
* A playback window with album art, song title and artist's name displayed and a number of play buttons allowing full control over playing. The top song title panel and bottom progress panel can be hidden (or shown) by swiping on them whenever you wanted.
* A slide in album list window allowing full access to all your albums.
* A slide in playlists window allowing access to all playlists (user defined playlist is currently not supported in this version).
* A rotate in song list window allowing access to all songs in current playing queue.
- In landscape mode
* A simplified playback window with all albums listed below allowing easy access to them while on the go.
- All songs are being loaded in by default so all you have to do is to press the play button and listen to your favourite songs.

Thank you for choosing this app once again. We will keep on improving and bringing you the best user experience with music and please remember to send us your suggestions.

Content rating: Everyone

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