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Music WithMe 2.5.0

Share music with friends, wirelessly sync iTunes between your phone and desktop.

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License: Free

Downloads: 381

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Publisher's Description of Music WithMe 2.5.0

"Music WithMe offers wireless and remote playlist synchronisation. Now you can download your music to your phone whenever and wherever you are."
- LifeHacker

"Music WithMe is a fantastic app for anyone who enjoys music, and who doesn’t enjoy music? Not only can this app allow you to easily get all of your music on your Android device, but it can allow you to share it on the web. This allows for new discoveries all the time."
- TheDroidGuy

"Music is a SOCIAL experience (even though so many of us use it to be anti-social). My friends and I are DJ's and music collectors, and having the chance to toss music around at an instant is great!"
- Hamdi (Android Market Review)

"Brings social networking to music!"
- Charles (Android Market Review)

Requires Android 2.1+, a Mac or Windows helper app, and Facebook Connect. Support is always available from or

Share and sync your iTunes music with your Android phone from anywhere via wi-fi or mobile connection.

It should be easy to love music. To us loving music means getting your music when you want it, no matter how far away from your home computer you are. It means sharing music you love with your friends. It means trying new music and becoming a passionate fan of new and new-to-you artists. So we built Music WithMe to make it easier to do all of those things.

Music WithMe for Android has two components: the Android application and a helper app. To wirelessly sync your iTunes music you’ll need to install the Android app on your phone and the helper app on the computer that has your iTunes library. You'll use your Facebook account to login to both the Android app and the helper app.

*Update*: In response to community feedback we are issuing updates to the helper app requiring significantly few Facebook permissions.

Recent changes:
- You can now get friend shares from Twitter without first connecting to Facebook.
- Connect to Twitter to quick tweet love or now-playing.
- Fixed a now-playing bug on the Sync screen.
- The Discover page can now be switched between "popular" and "all"
- You can now see popular shares among your friends
- We won't show desktop status when sync is disabled
- Sync-2-Desktop prefs now work.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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