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New Dance Tracks Demo 3.0.1 Runs on Androi

Your source for the latest new dance music releases

Software Information of New Dance Tracks Demo 3.0.1 Runs on Androi

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License: Free

Downloads: 536

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Publisher's Description of New Dance Tracks Demo 3.0.1 Runs on Androi

New Dance Tracks (NDT for short) helps you browse easily through previews of the latest releases in dance music: house, techno, dubstep, and many more genres. Share your favorites via Twitter and Facebook. Currently supports BeatPort, Dance-Tunes and JunoDownload.
Great for the DJ on the move!

This is the DEMO version (limited results), get the full version via the Help menu (tap the top box there).

No releases found? Increase the period on the Genres page!

NOTICE: As of 8 july 2011 version 3.0.0 of NDT does not support Android 1.6 anymore, only 2.0 and higher. Android 1.6 users should just keep their current version, it should keep on working as it is.
If you are using Android 1.6, to keep getting the latest version of NDT you will have to upgrade to a newer version of Android on your device.

Website and Facebook:

@Moises: if it's slow then your connection is probably less than 3G. The speed also depends on the performance of the stores NDT gets its data from. Genres etc are all provided by those stores.

@joshua: if you only see one store show up, most likely you're browsing a genre that is only from that store. Or the other stores just haven't released any track lately in that genre.

@Florian: jetzt zeigt Hinweisen nur ein mal per app start

@jess: no previews? Did you drill down to the track level? Every track has an audio preview for sure!

@Paul Beynon: tech house, minimal plus about 50 other genres should be listed. Maybe a network glitch?

Version history:
20110823: 3.0.1 - favorites list now keeps position
20110708: 3.0.0 - music can now play in background
20110105: 2.0.2 - fixed FB wallpost
20101209: 2.0.1 - demo popup more user-friendly
20101116: 2.0.0 - added Juno store
20101020: 1.0.4 - fixed rotation bug
20100929: 1.0.1 - first release

Recent changes:
20110823: 3.0.1 - favorites list now keeps position

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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