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ObliviO starts in the 2004 with the name “For funerals to come” as a Kataton

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ObliviO starts in the 2004 with the name “For funerals to come” as a Katatonia cover-band with the main intent of promoting the doom-death metal sound of the album “Brave Murder Day”. At the beginning, the formation count four founding member, Emiliano, Dario, Stefano, Daniele, but they started to play live concerts in Rome with the add of Mario to the guitar.

After some gigs, Stefano leaves due personal reasons and Tiziana join the band to the keys. Then, the band change the name in the actual “ObliviO” and found in Massimo the perfect growling singer. During the reharsals, they start to compose own songs and Adriano join the keys after the leave of Tiziana due musical differences.

With this formation in the 2005, the ObliviO record their first demo called “Songs for Unforgettable Suffering” in the “Piano B Studios” Rome.
The following good reviews and positive feedbacks support the continuation of the band, and after some gigs and personal growth, they decide to compose their first album changing the sound of their music in to a more melodic ethereal way.

At the beginning of 2007, the band join the “Outer Sound Studios” and Giuseppe Orlando ( Novembre ) to record the firsts six tracks of the new Album with the intent to self-promote in the musical scene. After a contact with Francesco Palumbo of famous label “My Kingdom Music”, they have recorded and finished the album “Dreams are distant memories”, enhanced with the perfomance of Carmelo Orlando ( Novembre ) on the track “Distant memories”, and with the presence of Francesca Iacorossi to the female vocals and Livia Foglietti to the violins.

Few gigs after the release of the album in September 2007, the band change again the lineup due the leaves of the singer Massimo and Adriano, followed few time later by the leave of the founding member Dario. This events, break the ObliviO musical workflow, and they remain only in three but they decided to continue the band.

From 2008 to 2010, in the personal Pro Tools HD equipped studio of Daniele ( Sanzen Studios ), they written and recorded a lot of songs and finally in July 2010 they found a new amazing singer, Roberto. With him, they start to record all the missing vocal parts for the songs they have and today, the ObliviO are near to release the EP “The Distant Shoreline” a four tracks selection from the entire new album, a journey into the rebirth desire from modern chaos and into the emotional research of a dreamless generation…the flight of conscience through the memories, to the eternity…

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