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Orneta FTP for Smartphone 1.1.1

Orneta FTP is a FTP Client for Windows Mobile based Smartphone`s and Pocket PC`s

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Windows Mobile


License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of Orneta FTP for Smartphone 1.1.1

Orneta FTP is a FTP Client for Windows Mobile based Smartphone`s and Pocket PC`s.
By transferring files of any size to and from any remote FTP server in the background,
your time is spent productively. Fast, efficient and reliable uploads and downloads are
handled by the device.
Combining ease-of-use and performance helps to create the ultimate mobile FTP
experience. Transfers are quick and easy, even if you are a novice user.
Transfer Anything, from Anywhere.
You can transfer files of any size easily. These are a few of the tasks that will be easy to
Publish web pages
Download and upload camera phone pictures
Transfer Video files
Transfer Music files
Download Software and updates.
Transfer Business Documents
Transfer large or small files to your home or office
Connect thru NAT and firewalls
Connect with Ease
It can be a chore to enter the information for the FTP server, Orneta FTP can save the
server settings to the recent server list for convenient access. It will be available the next
time you need to access it.
Background Processing
When a file operation is requested it is placed into the task queue, allowing you to
continue working, while the requests are processed in the background. The task view is
simple and easy to use. View, cancel, resume, and see details from a simple and easy-to-
use interface.
Mini Explorer for Server and Device
It`s easy to navigate files and directories on the device, and the remote FTP server with
the mini explorer, select the folder where files should be transferred to or from with simple
ease navigation from your phone. Create local and remote directories, Delete local and
remote files or directories. Rename files or directories.

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